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Monday, April 20, 2015

Our Summer 2015 Trip Plans

Does this itinerary seem a little ambitious? We agree. But we'd sure like to make this happen. We're especially interested in visiting the cemeteries where Mike's ancestors are buried. They're kind of concentrated in eastern Colorado and central Kansas.

We also want to visit Mt. Rushmore, neither of us ever having seen it. If we can, we'd like to take a little spur up to Flathead Lake, MT. When Lorrie was young, she went there with her Grandma and Grandpa Ireland (Adda and Daddad) on vacation and fell in love with it. It's a bit out of the way and our funds may not allow it, but it would sure be nice to visit there.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Okay we'll see if anyone looks at our blog anymore since it has not changed in a million years! I took Anna's challenge!


Tag #1

Two names you go by:

1. Wordie 2. Mom/Grandma

Two things you are wearing right now:

1. Jeans

2. Same old brown strip 3/4 sleeve shirt!

Two things you want right now:

1. A vacation

2. Something really gooey to eat.

Two things you did last night:

1. Laid on an ice pack.

2. Watched TV

Two things you ate today:

1. Oatmeal

2. Raisins

Two favorite drinks:

1. water

2. Diet Coke with Raspberry and Vanilla

Five people I'm tagging: Anyone who reads this!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Halloween and Trevon's Birthday Celebration

Kirstie, Jared, Emma, Ethan, Grady, Anna, Geran, Chloe, Halle, Mike and I went to our Ward Trunk or Treat Halloween party prior to Halloween. The kids had great fun playing the games and especially visiting all the "trunks" to get their buckets filled with treats!

Since this is the first time I've put up pictures (and only the second post I've ever done) they are sort of out of order, but I have had to redo a few things already so DEAL WITH THE AMATEUR!!! Please.....

On Halloween we (the two Eckerdt families, and the Bowers) went to Anna and Geran's for a Halloween/Birthday party for Trevon, and trick or treating.

This close-up is of Chloe showing off her newly painted face.

This is Halle doing what she loves to do...hug, mall, kiss, giggle at, and squish Grady!!!! She loves her cousin. He wasn't so sure that he wanted the attention this time.

Ethan, Chloe, Emma and McKayla in front of one of those $100+ blow up decorations! Next, Trevon opening one of his favorite birthday gifts a remote control bulldozer. Next, beautiful Emma with a full bucket of candy! Ethan showing off his cute spider painting. Next, Mr. Grady at his first Halloween party! Are these cute kids or what? We all wish that Tea (OH, and Jessica, Greg, Amanda and Austin too) had been with us.


Okay, so I have been getting comments from many people that we need to update our blog...duh!!!! I know that we do, but if I ask Mike one more time how to update, change, etc., this blog I think he will, well it won't be pretty! I decided today that it's do or die and the latter just might be the result. I don't really think that many people check out our blog anyway, but maybe if there was something new (boring as it might be) someone will notice.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Amanda & Austin's Wedding

I know, I know. It's already July and we haven't updated our blog to include one of the biggest events of 2008: Amanda's marriage to Austin Laureski, which happened on May 31. So sue me. You can have everything that's left over, which is just about nothing. :)
It turned out to be just a wonderful experience! These silly kids crack me up, though.
You see, Austin is from Southern California; San Bernardino, to be precise. Amanda's been living in that area off and on for the last couple years, working and going to school (mostly working). They met through the Young Single Adult program at church. When they decided to get married, they thought that St. George would be perfect: it's about half-way between San Bernardino and Salt Lake and the Laureskis have relatives there with whom they could stay. We were fine with that, but we would have been just as fine had they decided to get married there in SoCal or here in Northern Utah.
Some time passed and, apparently, some conversations took place. In the end, A&A said that they had changed their minds and wanted to get married in Logan, Utah, instead. Logan? Neither one of them has relatives there, neither one has gone to school there. We never could figure out the connection and all they would say was that they liked it there. I like Tahiti, too, even though I've never been there. Why couldn't they have chosen Tahiti? Ha!
So, they passed eight operating temples on their way to Logan, dragged ALL the Laureskis (including those from St. George), and all of us all the way up to Logan. Then we all piled in our vehicles and returned to Sandy where we had Reception #1 in the Atkinsons' backyard. And it was beautiful! The weather was perfect (both in Logan and Sandy) and Brent and Marcia did such a great job making sure that the flowers, trees, and shrubs were gorgeous.
Jessica and Teä flew out from New York and Vernie flew in from SoCal to help out. And help, they did! Lorrie was so happy to have them here.
The following Friday, Lorrie and I headed to Grandma's house in the mountains and on Saturday, the Laureskis threw an open house for the happy couple at their beautiful home in San Bernardino. So many friends, neighbors, and relatives came! It was a lot of fun. And, as it turns out, the Laureskis and the Scullins are in the same stake and knew each other. In fact, Michelle and the Laureskis' son-in-law, Jaron, were in the same "family" when their stake went on Trek. Kris even had a Christmas card in her purse from Jaron's family. What a small world.
Well, again: it was a wonderful experience, not soon to be forgotten. Thanks to all who helped out and supported us and A&A! Our last wedding! Hoo ahh!
Here are the links for the pictures that Brian and I took at the temple and at the reception in Sandy: Wedding Reception

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Supreme Court Decision on Second Amendment

On June 26, 2008, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the right to keep and bear arms is not reserved for the state only, but extends to individuals as well. Although there are certain to be other attempts to limit the types of firearms, ammunition, etc. that citizens can own, this decision is truly a landmark and preserves this precious right for at least a season.

Please watch this video from the Heritage Foundation to learn why this ruling is so significant.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Our friend, Becky Stuart

Many of you have probably already heard that our next-door neighbor and good friend, Becky Stuart, was recently diagnosed with a couple kinds of cancer, one of which is very aggressive. So far, the cancer has taken hold in her lungs, colon, and liver.

Their daughter, Candace, has set up a really nice web site where you can keep informed on Becky's condition and leave messages. If you'd like to visit the site, just click on this link.

This is, of course, a very hard time for her and her family. Your thoughts and prayers would be very much appreciated.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Last Week of Summer on the Alpine Loop

I had Monday off after working this past weekend. Lorrie and I decided that we didn't want to just sit around or work ourselves to death, so we decided to go on a drive up the Alpine Loop.

It was a good choice.

The weather was beautiful: cool with a little breeze. And, even better, there were hardly any people.

We stopped in a turnout so I could get some pictures of flowers, trees, leaves, and puffy clouds. While we were there in the turnout, it was so quiet, peaceful, and pleasant that we just sat in the car with the moonroof open enjoying listening to the breeze blow through the tops of the aspens and pines. We sat for quite a long time, not saying anything. We saw something moving through the brush a little to the left and in front of the car in some thick underbrush. Then we saw it: a very pretty little deer. It hadn't seen or smelled us, so I started to take pictures of it. A little while after I had gotten out of the car to get some better pictures, the deer finally noticed me. But it didn't run away at first, giving us a little more time to take pictures.

We also stopped at Cascade Springs and got some great pictures. On the way home, we stopped to get some lunch and took it to Thanksgiving Point to eat.

That was another good choice.

There were a couple butterflies flitting around a patch of flowers. The butterflies and flowers were almost the same color and the wings of the butterflieds looked like stained glass, making the whole scene even that much prettier.

Well, once again, that's all that there's time for. If you want to see the whole album, just click on this link.